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Key Laboratory of Biodiversity and Biogeography
·LI Dezhu's Group ·PENG Hua's Group ·LIU Peigui's Group ·SUN Hang's Group
·YANG Zhuliang's Group ·ZHOU Zhekun's Group ·SHUI Yumin's Group ·WANG Hong's Group
·JI Yunheng's Group ·NIE Zelong's Group ·GAO Lianming's Group  
State Key Laboratory of Phytochemisty
·CHENG Yongxian's Group ·CHEN Jijun's Group ·HAO Xiaojiang's Group ·LIU Jikai's Group
·LUO Xiaodong's Group ·QIU Minghua's Group ·ZENG Ying's Group ·SUN Handong's Group
·TAN Ninghua's Group ·ZHANG Yingjun's Group ·ZHAO Qinshi's Group ·LUO Huairong's Group
·LI Yan's Group ·LI Shenghong's Group ·YANG Yurong's Group ·XIA Chengfeng's Group
·ZHAO Jinhua's Group ·QIN Hongbo's Group ·WU Bin's Group ·XU Gang's Group
·ZHOU Jun's Group ·LIU Haiyang's Group ·XIONG Wenyong's Group ·HU Kaifeng's Group
Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China
·YANG Yongping's Group ·HU Xiangyang's Group ·LI Weiqi's Group ·GAO Lizhi's Group
·YI Tingshuang's Group ·GUO Zhenhua's Group ·Jeffrey Bennetzen's Group  
Key Laboratory of Economic Plants
·Dietrich Schmidt vogt's Group ·GONG Xun's Group ·HU Hong's Group ·HUANG Junchao's Group
·LI Airong's Group ·SUN Weibang's Group ·WANG Yuehu's Group ·WU Jianqiang's Group
·XU Jianchu's Group ·LIU Aizhong's Group   
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