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SUN Weibang's Group
Professor SUN Weibang

  SUN Weibang, Professor of botany. Major research interests are to carry on theories and technologies of sustainable resource utilization and germplasm preservation, which mainly included typical, endemic, seriously threatened (endangered and critical endangered) species and the plants with economic importance, with emphasis on the systematic studies on conservation and acclimatization of t... More Content>>
Current Group Members

  Group Leader:
  Prof. SUN Weibang
  Group Members:
  Ph. D. DAO Zhiling (Associate Researcher)
  ZHOU Yuan (Senior Technician)
  Ph. D. CHEN Gao (Assistant Researchers)
  Ph. D. HAN Chunyan (Assistant Researchers)
  Ph. D. MA Yongpeng (Assistant Researchers)
  Ph. D. YANG Jing (Assistant Researchers)
  XUE Ruijuan (Research Intern)
  Doctoral Students:
  GONG Weichang... More Content>>
Major Research Achievements
During past five years, effective conservations have been carried out on several critically endangered plants species by us in Yunnan Province, such as Manglietiastrum sinicum, Michelia coracea, Magnolia phanerophlebia, Trigonobalanus doichangensi, Acer yangbiense, and Hibiscus aridicola. In a systematical cycle of germplasm resources investigation and collection, propagation for ex-situ conser... More Content>>
  1. Yang J, Wu JC, Gu ZJ. 2009. Karyomorphology of three species in Dipentodon (Dipentodontaceae), Perrottetia (Celastraceae) and Tapiscia (Tapisciaceae) of the order Huerteales and their phylogenetic implications. Journal of Systematics and Evolution, 47, 291-296.
  2). Wu, JC, Yang J, Gu ZJ, and Zhang YP. 2010. Isolation and Characterization of Twenty Polymorphic Microsatellite Loci for ... More Content>>
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