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The Evolutionary Ecology of Plant Reproductive Systems Group
Source:      Author:      2013-06-21

Welcome to Evolutionary Ecology of Plant Reproductive Systems Group!

The overarching goal of our group’s research is to study the reproductive evolutionary ecology of the flora in the Sino-Himalayan region.

1) Plant Reproductive Biology and Evolutionary Ecology

We study the evolution and adaptation of plant breeding systems and plant-pollinator interactions in alpine flora in the Sino-Himalayan region. By applying parentage analysis and phylogeographic approaches we strive to understand how reproductive strategies evolve and shape the genetic structure and genetic diversification of plant populations.

An additional goal is to find out the evolution consequences of climate change to community stability and biodiversity.

2) Plant Systematics and Evolution

In order to reconstruct the evolutionary patterns of pollen morphology of the angiosperms at higher taxon level, we focus on pollen diversity (based on the APG III (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group, 2009)) of the major clades of the angiosperms, their evolutionary process and ecological adaption.

We also examine the phylogenetic relationships of key groups of the seed plants to understand their distribution patterns.

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