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State Key Laboratory of Phytochemisty and Plant Resources in Southwest China
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LUO Huairong's Group
Professor LUO Huairong

  LUO Huairong, Professor of molecular pharmacology. Major research interests include 1) the impact of growth signaling on aging and neuropsychiatric disorders, 2) screening bioactivity of TCMs against neuropsychiatric disease and aging targeted on molecules involved in growth signaling, and 3) the therapeutic potential of the these compounds with favorite bioactivity in treating neuropsychi... More Content>>
Current Group Members

  Group Leader:
  Prof. LUO Huairong
  Group Members:
  BAI Jili
  JIANG Hehai
  YAN Hui
  YANG Xinqing
  Graduate Students:
  YANG Jie (2009-)
  LIU Lei (2009-)
  ZHENG Shanqing (2010-)
  DING Aijun (2010-)
  WAN Qinli (2010-)
  YANG Liping (2011-)
  TANG He (2011-)
  YUAN Xiaoxi (2011-) More Content>>
Major Research Achievements
Over the past three years our group has worked on several facets of drug screening and research in treating neuropsychiatric diseases. Our studies encompass four areas. First, we systematically screened about 1,000 compounds from TCMs against neuropsychiatric disease and found about 50 compounds with potent bioactivity in molecular, cellular and animal models. Second, we demonstrated that the l... More Content>>
  1. Wang PC, Ran XH, Luo HR, Hu JM, Chen R, Ma QY, Dai HF, Liu YQ, Xie MJ, Zhou J, Zhao YX. 2011. Volvalerelactones A and B, two new sesquiterpenoid lactones with an unprecedented skeleton from Valeriana officinalis var. latifolia. Organic Letters, 13(12): 3036-3039.
  2. Wu ZY, Li YD, Wu GS, Luo HR, Li HM, Li RT. 2011. Three new highly acylated 3,4-seco-grayanane diterpenoids from the fru... More Content>>
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