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State Key Laboratory of Phytochemisty and Plant Resources in Southwest China
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CHEN Jijun's Group
Professor CHEN Jijun

  CHEN Jijun, Professor of phytochemistry. Major research interests are to involve in research and development of the naturally anti-virus including discovery of anti-HBV, anti-HIV and anti-depression active compounds, chemical modification, pre-clinical study of new drug from Traditional Chinese medicines. Email: chenjj@mail.kib.ac.cn More Content>>
Current Group Members

  Group Leader:
  Prof. Dr. CHEN Jijun
  Dr. JIANG Zhiyong (Associate Professor)
  Dr. GENG Changan (Assistant Professor)
  Ms. ZHANG Xuemei (Senior engineer, technician)
  Mr. MA Yunbao (Senior engineer, technician)
  Mr. LUO Jie (Technician)
  Ms. HUANG Xiaoyan (Technician)
  Postdoctoral Fellows:
  Dr. LI Yaoli (2010-)
  Ph. D. Candidates:
  Miss WANG Ho... More Content>>
Major Research Achievements
The protostane-type triterpenes from Alisma orentalis were revealed to have anti-HBV activity. Further chemical modification on the active compound alisol A provided 41 more active compounds from 154 synthezed derivatives. A significantly active compound with lower toxicity and good pharmacokinetic characteristic can act on the HBV C/preC and the X gene promoters, inhibit DHBV DNA load, and do ... More Content>>
  1. Chang-An Geng, Li-Jun Wang, Xue-Mei Zhang, Yun-Bao Ma, Xiao-Yan Huang, Jie Luo, Rui-Hua Guo, Jun Zhou, Yong Shen, Ai-Xue Zuo, Zhi-Yong Jiang, Ji-Jun Chen*. Anti-hepatitis B virus active lactones from the traditional Chinese herb: Swertia mileensis. Chem-Eur J, 2011,17:3893-3903
  2. Chang-An Geng, Xue-Mei Zhang, Yun-Bao Ma, Jie Luo,Ji-Jun Chen*.Swerilactones L-O, secoiridoids with C12... More Content>>
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