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Professor of KIB took part in NECLIME
source:Key Laboratory of Biodiversity and Biogeography, CAS     author:HUANG Yongjiang, ZHOU Zhekun     2012-06-05

A Neogene Climate Evolution in Eurasia (NECLIME) symposium was held at Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Nanjing, this 27-29th. This is the second time for the NECLIME symposium taken place in Asian countries. More than 40 palaeobotanists from 10 countries attended the symposium. Members of Prof. ZHOU Zhekun’s group from Kunming Institute of Botany took part and made presentations. Prof. ZHOU Zhekun, Dr. HUANG Yongjiang and HU Jinjin gave presentations titled as “Neogene floras from Yunnan and their paleoclimate reconstruction”, "Late Pliocene seeds and fruits from southwestern China and their climatic reconstruction”, and “Changes in stomatal frequency in Quercus pannosa along an elevation gradient in the Himalayas”, respectively. Those presentations gained close attention, and were highly appreciated by other participants.

NCLIME symposium was initiated in 2001, on the purpose of enhancing the communication and cooperation between the palaeobotanists from Europe and Asia. The symposium in Nanjing mainly focused on the latest progress in Neogene climate evolution in Eurasia and perspectives of the Neogene climatic research in the following years. Prof. ZHOU Zhekun and his group showed their recent work on the Neogene climate in Yunnan, SW China, which was much interested by the European palaeobotanists. An agreement was reached on the cooperation between China and Germany in Neogene climatic research. Prof. ZHOU Zhekun was recommended and elected as the principal from China side.

Prof. ZHOU Zhekun answering questions (Image by KIB).

Dr. HUANG Yongjiang delivering lecture (Image by KIB).


HU Jinjin delivering lecture (Image by KIB).

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