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Fungi Need Industrial Production: Research [2019-07-22]
Highwayman Fly Hijacks Fierce Trap- Jaw Ants [2019-06-04]
Discovery may lead to natural ent-kaurane diterpenoid for NK-based tumor immunotherapy [2019-05-31]
China Launches Online Database on Camellia Varieties [2019-05-27]
Seeds of Hope for a Green Sahara [2019-05-17]
A Jurassic leap for flowering plants [2019-05-15]
Call for applications for the International Workshop on Agrobiodiversity and Conservation of the ... [2019-04-22]
Alpine species tend to go to higher elevation and latitude: research [2019-03-22]
Chinese researchers discover fruit color relevant to plant evolution [2019-03-22]
A Rare Yellow Camellia Found in SW China [2019-02-26]
Allium Research Center Opens to Public in SW China [2019-01-02]
60 Years of Blossoming Botany [2018-11-29]
Flora in Bloom: Meet China's Veteran 79-year-old Botanical Painter [2018-11-09]
Survey of the Myanmar Medicinal Plants and their Traditional Knowledge [2018-09-03]
Research Reveals How Plant Seeds Travel Across Ocean [2018-08-28]
New Natural Sweeteners Found: Wild Plants in Yunnan Sweeter than Sucrose by At Least 25 Times [2018-08-13]
Chinese Medicinal Plant Tricks Predatory Wasps Into Dispersing Its Seeds By Smelling Like Prey [2018-08-01]
Kunming Declaration on Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge Conservation of Belt & Road Countries [2018-07-16]
Chinese Scientists Find Large-Scale Gene Loss in Evolution of Parasitic Plants [2018-07-16]
Mountain Futures and Embassy of Switzerland in China to Showcase Sino-Swiss Cooperation on Mounta... [2018-07-06]
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