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Study on Genetic Diversity and Endangerment Mechanism of Some Rare and Endangered Plants in Yunnan
source:     author:     2008-06-21

Type and Class of Award:

Science and Technology Progress of Yunnan Natural Science First-class Award

Completion Unit:

Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Main Contributors:

Gong Xun,  Pan Yuezhi,  Xiao Longqian, Luan Shanshan,  Tian Bo, Yang Shuda,  Yang Zhiyun,  Yang Yang

Main Contents and Impacts:

This program carried out complete and profound surveys on rare and endangered plants in Yunnan and Southwest China, and elucidated the patterns and status of their geographical distribution, especially the endangerment of some populations, for instance, the Extinction in the Wild (EW) of Poncirus polyandra and almost EW of Cycas multipinna and C. longipetiolula.

Through this program, more than 180 species of rare and endangered plants and some rare germplasm genes have been conserved. The growth mechanism and adaptation capacity of preserved species in the ex situ reserves have been identified. In addition, population rebuilding experiments on species including Manglietiastrum sinicum, Parkmeria yunnanensis, Manglietia aromatica, Liriodendron chinense, Cycas tanqingii, Manglietia insigni from the experimental regions of Xichou Xiaoqiaogou Reserve and Jinping Fenshuiling Reserve were conducted to increase the population number.

Moreover, studies on reproductive process including forming of megaspore and microspore, male and female gametophytes, pollination, fertilization were carried out to explore the endangerment mechanism from the perspective of reproductive biology, based on which relative protection countermeasures will be proposed.

Using molecular biology methods, the genetic diversity and structures of national protection plants, including Cycas guizhouensis, Cycas balansae complex, Paeonia delavayi, Citrus hongheensis and Nouelia insignis were studied and relations between genetic models and species endangerment analyzed.

For the first time, cytological studies on some Chinese unique plants and plants with higher utilization value, such as Paeonia delavayi, Cycas, Calycopteris, Anemoclema glauciifolium, Heteroplexis microcephala, Psammosilene tunicoides were undertaken and relative basic materials have been accumulated.

A total of 24 articles concerning the research results have been published including eight SCI-embodied articles with total IF value amounting to 15.502, on preeminent journals, such as Annals of Botany, Australian Journal of Botany and Biodiversity Science, etc.

In summary, this achievement is multiple-level, systematic and profound research on rare and endangered plants in Yunnan, accumulating basic information materials of these plants. This program as well discussed the endangerment mechanism of these rare and endangered plants in terms of reproductive biology and genetic diversity, and proposed effective measures for plant protection. The research group has successfully published three articles in the journal Annals of Botany, and the research results of this program reached internationally leading level with important theoretic signifcance andgreat potential in plant conservation.


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