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The Horticulture Center
source:     author:     2009-09-21

  A total of 667 additional plant taxa have been introduced by the supporting system of KIB Botanical Garden, and the seed exchange between Chinese and foreign botanical gardens has been resumed after years of intermitting. Over 40 thousand seeds from more than 50 populations of Jatropha curcas as well as 2500 living plantlets and saplings have been collected and preserved at the center. The construction of 'Ornamental Foliage and Fruit Plants Garden' occupying an area of 2.4 ha has been completed and opened to the public. The garden is consisting of nine functional sections, and some 140 thousand plants belonging to 415 taxa, 260 genera and 116 families have been planted and exhibited. The gate construction of the station, crawls and a 400 m2 greenhouse has been completed at Lijiang Alpine Botanical Garden, where precise management and maintenances of garden of an area exceeding 400 mu was performed. The provisions and rules have also been perfected, enduring the safety and order of visits of 416 thousand visitors during the year. In addition, a series of science-popularization activities have been successfully held, such as CAS Public Science Day, National Science Popularization Day and secretes of green leaves, etc. All activities were brought to audience of millions of thousands through coverage and reports by TV and newspaper. The website of the Botanical Garden has been founded and the main plant taxa of different sections or featured gardens have being made available for online searching by means of listing these plants nto a specifc column. The workshops on construction of Botanical Garden and their management has been well organized and initiated, and the translation of a famous monograph concerning plant field survey, 'George Forrest-Plant Hunter' has also been completed. Inddition, a total of 1039 plant labels ranked the international standard level were made and placed on the plants at the Botanical Garden.

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