Compilation and Research of "Flora Yunnanica" Won Grand Prize

The project is based on large-scale investigative field work of plants in Yunnan and its adjacent areas and it features accurate and concise records of documents and materials and is rich in species information. It is the scientific work compiled by combining literature research, based on systematic arrangement and research of plant specimens and relevant information that have been accumulated over a long period and according to the principles and methods of biosystematics.The work contains customary cultivation of higher plants and 433 families, 3,008 genera, 16,201 species with 1,701 varieties of known wild plants. Customarily cultivated plants of Yunnan are recorded, of which bryophytes cover 3 volumes, 110 families, 421 genera, 1,611 species and 55 varieties, ferns cover 2 volumes, 60 families, 193 genera, 1,266 species and 35 varieties, gymnosperms cover 11 families, 33 genera and 92 species, angiosperms cover 2,52 families, 2,361 genera, 13,232 species and 819 varieties. The work comprise of 21 volumes and 24,520,000 characters in total with 4,263 plates. The completion of the project indicated that the plants of Yunnan have been known to the public, which provided fundamental basis for Yunnan or the national biodiversity inventory and the development of protective measures, and was of great importance to research on diversity of plants in Yunnan and southwest China.

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