Research on Chemical and Biological Activity of Plants in Rutaceae from Yunnan was Awarded Third Prize of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province

The research on chemical compositions and biological activity of 11 species of Rutaceae family plants was carried out in the project, 380 compounds were isolated and identified and a series of novel frameworks, compounds with new structures were found which enriched the type of the molecular structures of natural products. Thirty-four research papers were published, of which 25 papers were included in SCI, the highest citation frequency of single paper was 21 times; 2 patents for invention were authorized. Four PhD graduates were cultured, of which one doctor got award of merit from CAS President. The systematic and in-depth research was made on the chemical compositions and biological activity of Rutaceae family plants for the research results which reached the international advanced level in research of the chemical compositions and related biological activity of the plants involved.

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