"Population Genetics and Conservation Genetics of Three Wild Rice Species in China" Won the Third Prize of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province

The systematic survey and sampling were conducted for three wild rice species distributed in China (Oryza rufipogon, O. officinalis and O. meyeriana) in the project, and their different community characteristics were studied, the first-hand information on endangered status of wild rice in China was obtained across the country, and the endangered status that" the endangered degree of O. rufipogon was the highest followed by O. officinalis and O. meyeriana respectively" was determined. Systematic study on population genetics and molecular ecology for the three kinds of wild rice which totaled 92 populations and more than 2,000 individuals by using allozyme and microsatellite markers was conducted; and the DNA library of more than 4,000 individuals that represented the natural populations of wild rice with different geographical distribution and habitats of the country. Population ecology study was conducted for O. rufipogon with the highest endangered degree, which provided a scientific basis for Ex situ conservation of wild rice and further collection and conservation of resources. Convertible rates of 60 microsatellite loci in three kinds of wild rice were analyzed, richness of genetic variation of the rice germplasm conserved in Germplasm Bank of wild species in Southwest China and the wild rice resources nursery was first reported; through comparison with natural populations, and the effect of Ex situ conservation of wild rice in China was evaluated. Twenty three papers were published, of which the SCI papers were 19, the cumulative impact factors were 45.775, were cited 284 times in total, cited by others 195 times. Comprehensive study of the endangered status of the three wild rice was made for the research results of the project, structural features of population genetics of three kinds of wild rice were revealed, the knowledge on Ex situ conservation and resource collection and preservation was deepened, which laid a solid scientific foundation and provided detailed information for research and conservation of wild rice germplasm resources of China and the world; the international advanced level was attained on the whole.

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