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Scientists made a Great Progress in Seed Biology Research
by: CHEN Hongying    16/04/2017

  Maturation drying is a pivotal step during seed development in many plant species. Once dry,...
A Molecular Key to the Success of Accurate Recognition of Oyster Mushrooms
by: LI Jing    10/04/2017

  Species of the Pleurotus ostreatus complex (the oyster mushrooms) are one of the main groups...
Scientists Find Fungus with an Appetite for Plastic in Rubbish Tip
by: Andrew Stevenson    30/03/2017

  Nowdays, humans are producing ever greater amounts of plastic – much of which ends up as ga...
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New Fungus Found able to Degrade Polyurethane (PU): Chinese Scien...
by:    27/03/2017
· Plastic Eating Fungus may help in Tackling...
· Plastic-Eating Fungi Found In Rubbish Heap
· Fungus that Devours Plastic may help Clean...
· New Plastic-eating Fungus may Solve Garbag...
· New Fungus Found able to Degrade Polyureth...
· Scientific Expedition in Kenya
· Transboundary Collaboration to Generate Mu...
· Road Planning "Trade Off" could Boost Food...
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The Way to the Sacred Land: Cherishing the wildlife and traditional culture of the Kailash Sacred Landscape
by:YANG Mei    08/12/2016
KIB Annual Report 2015
by:YANG Mei    30/05/2016
KIB Annual Report 2014
by:    27/11/2015
Senior Scientists more
Professor LI Weiqi

  LI Weiqi, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Major research interests include: 1) plant molecular physiology and functional genomics; 2) abiotic stress adaptation in plants; 3) plant Lipidomics; 4) cryoprecervation of wild plant species.
  E-mail: weiqili@mail.kib.ac.cn
Professor YANG Zhuliang

  YANG Zhuliang, Professor of mycology. Major research interests include 1) fungal diversity within and among geographic regions; 2) phylogenetic relationships and biogeography among species within representative genera or families of higher fungi, with emphasis on Agaricaceae, Amanitaceae, and Physalacriaceae (e.g. Lepiota s.l., Am...

  •   Su-gong Wu (S. K. Wu), a renowned botanist, professor of Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, had made great contributions to China’s botanical research an... [more]
    by:SUN Hang  
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Kunming Botanical Garden: News in Brief
by: David Sim Paterson
Brief History of Kunming Botanical Garden, KIB
by: David Sim Paterson
News in Brief: Kunming Botanical Garden. Sudden Branch Drop
by: David Sim Paterson
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