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Genome-wide Analysis of Cushion Willow Provides Insights into Alpine Plant Divergence in Hengduan...
by: CHEN Jiahui    22/11/2019

  The Hengduan Mountains (HDM) biodiversity hotspot of China exhibits exceptional plant divers...
Engineered GRAS Microbe Acts as Cell Factory for the High-value Zeaxanthin
by: HE Mingxia    06/11/2019

  Carotenoids are yellow to red pigments synthesized by all photosynthetic organisms. Lutein, ...
Researchers Reveal that Dodder-Transmitted Mobile Signals Prime Host Plants for Enhanced Salt Tol...
by: LI Shalan    05/11/2019

  The genus Cuscuta (common name dodder; Convolvulaceae) consists of about 200 species, which ...
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Chinese botanists hit trail with Arboretum--Inaugural expedition ...
by: Deborah Blackwell    22/11/2019
· Chinese botanists hit trail with Arboretum...
· Plants at Mid-elevations More Likely to be...
· Plant Diversity and Endemism in China: Unr...
· International Training Workshop on Agrobio...
· Rare Species of Orchid Discovered in SW China
· Nature in Art: Man devotes life to paintin...
· Seed Bank: Protecting Plant Biodiversity
· Fungi Need Industrial Production: Research
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Kunming Institute of Botany (English Brochure)
by:YANG Mei    31/07/2017
The Way to the Sacred Land: Cherishing the wildlife and traditional culture of the Kailash Sacred Landscape
by:YANG Mei    08/12/2016
KIB Annual Report 2015
by:YANG Mei    30/05/2016
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Professor YANG Yongping

  YANG Yongping, Professor of botany and Deputy Director to Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (KIB/CAS). Major research interests are to document traditional knowledge of plant use by applying ethnobotanical approach, and then some state-in-the-art technologies in phytochemistry, pharmacology, molecular biolog...
Professor SUN Hang

  SUN Hang, Professor of botany. Major research interests are alpine plant diversity studies, especially the flora composition features, system and evolution, geographic distribution patterns and ecological adaptation mechanisms of diverse alpine plants in Sino-Himalayan region. E-mail: hsun@mail.kib.ac.cn

  •   Su-gong Wu (S. K. Wu), a renowned botanist, professor of Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, had made great contributions to China’s botanical research an... [more]
    by:SUN Hang  
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Kunming Botanical Garden: News in Brief
by: David Sim Paterson
Brief History of Kunming Botanical Garden, KIB
by: David Sim Paterson
News in Brief: Kunming Botanical Garden. Sudden Branch Drop
by: David Sim Paterson
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