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Responses of membrane lipid to desiccation in the resurrection plant Paraisometrum mileense and i...
by: LI Aihua    26/08/2014
  Paraisometrum mileense W. T. Wang is the only species in the monotypic genus Paraisometrum W....
Concerted conservation efforts are necessary to conserve yews of the Himalayas
by: Ram Poudel    20/08/2014
  Species of Taxus (yews) are reputed for the anticancer compound paclitaxel. Excessive harvest...
Genetic diversity, genetic structure and demographic history of Cycas simplicipinna (Cycadaceae) ...
by: FENG Xiuyan    01/08/2014
  Cycas simplicipinna (T. Smitinand) K. Hill., belonging to Cycas (Cycadaceae), is a rare and e...
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Kunming Camellia Society debuted
by: WANG Zhonglang    13/08/2014
· Kunming Camellia Society debuted
· The 7th National Symposium on Ethnobotany ...
· Tongues tied around tatu-bola
· Kunming hosting two major scientific confe...
· Prof. GAO Lianming attended the 7th Intern...
· Progress of iFlora in China: Building a ra...
· ‘The International Conference on Cooperat...
· CUBG Horticulture Training Course was succ...
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KIB Annual Report 2012
by:    24/10/2013
KIB Annual Report 2011
by:    22/11/2012
Wise Harvest of Wild Mushrooms: a Practical Handbook
by:http://www.peopleandplants.org/whats-new/    22/03/2012
department:People and Plants International
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Professor LI Weiqi

  LI Weiqi, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Major research interests include: 1) plant molecular physiology and functional genomics; 2) abiotic stress adaptation in plants; 3) plant Lipidomics; 4) cryoprecervation of wild plant species.
  E-mail: weiqili@mail.kib.ac.cn
Professor LI Dezhu
by:General Administrative office, KIB
department:Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China, KIB
LI Dezhu, Professor of Botany and Director to Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (KIB/CAS). Major research interests include 1) phylogenetics, evolution, and biogeography of selected families or genera of vascular plants in China and adjacent regions, with emphasis on Bambusoideae (Poaceae), Cucurbitaceae, Ericace...

  •   Su-gong Wu (S. K. Wu), a renowned botanist, professor of Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, had made great contributions to China’s botanical research an... [more]
    by:SUN Hang  
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Kunming Botanical Garden: News in Brief
by: David Sim Paterson
Brief History of Kunming Botanical Garden, KIB
by: David Sim Paterson
News in Brief: Kunming Botanical Garden. Sudden Branch Drop
by: David Sim Paterson
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