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Research Progress
Scientists Made the Important Progress in Water Relation of Flower Research [2017-05-26]
Plastid Phylogenomics Provides Insights into the Phylogeny and Isomeric Plastomes in Cupressoidea... [2017-04-28]
Scientists made a Great Progress in Seed Biology Research [2017-04-16]
A Molecular Key to the Success of Accurate Recognition of Oyster Mushrooms [2017-04-10]
Scientists Find Fungus with an Appetite for Plastic in Rubbish Tip [2017-03-30]
Habitat, Climate and Potential Plant Food Resources for the Late Miocene Shuitangba Hominoid in S... [2017-03-10]
Out-of-India Dispersal of Paliurus Indicated by Biogeographic Study and Fossil Evidence [2017-03-09]
Phylogenetic Relationships and Evolutionary History of the East Asian Endemic Genus Rodgersia... [2017-03-09]
New Insights in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Ecological Functions During Litter Decomposition [2017-03-06]
New Subfamily Classification of the Leguminosae and Insights into Plastomes of the Mimosoid Clade [2017-03-06]
Progress on the Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Indole Alkaloid Communesin F [2017-03-04]
Plastid Phylogenomics Resolved the Phylogeny and Diversification of Rosaceae [2017-02-27]
Phylogeographic Insights on the Evolutionary Breakdown of Heterostyly [2017-02-27]
Coffea Arabica in Yunnan [2017-01-11]
Towards a Global Centre of Excellence for Mining Restoration [2017-01-06]
Seed Ecology of a Dominant Evergreen Oak in China [2016-12-30]
Special Issue of Plant Diversity for Plant Species with Extremely Small Populations [2016-12-30]
The Way to the Sacred Land: Cherishing the Wildlife and Traditional Culture of the Kailash Sacred... [2016-12-05]
Scientists Unveil Poisonous Mushroom in China [2016-10-31]
China’s Rubber Expansion Could Stretch Biodiversity and Livelihoods to the Limit [2016-10-19]
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