Natural Products and Bioprospecting (Volume 13 | Number 6)

L-Palmitoylcarnitine (L-PC) is a crucial endogenous metabolite involved in the regulation of membrane dynamics and fatty acid oxidation. The presence of decreased levels of long-chain acylcarnitines in the bloodstream is linked to venous thrombosis, suggesting potential anticoagulant properties. The research team, led by Shao Jianlin and Zilei Duan, aimed to elucidate the role of L-PC in coagulation. They discovered that L-PC has the ability to enhance the enzymatic activities of plasmin and tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), leading to anticoagulant effects. L-PC exhibited strong affinities towards plasmin and tPA, with dissociation constants (KD) of 6.47 x 109 M and 4.46 x 109 M, respectively, through direct interactions. In mice, administration of L-PC significantly suppressed arterial and intracerebral thrombosis without causing excessive bleeding. These findings underscore the anti-thrombotic function of L-PC by augmenting plasmin and tPA activities. The supplementation of L-PC holds promise as a potential therapeutic intervention for thrombotic disorders. Further studies are warranted to enhance our comprehension of the interactions between lipid clotting factors and different fatty acids. 

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