Natural Products and Bioprospecting (Volume 14 | Number 1)

Two novel koninginin derivatives, koningipyridines A and B, were isolated from Trichoderma koningiopsis SC-5, along with four known compounds. Koningipyridine A features a unique pentacyclic ketal skeleton with a fused 6/6/5/6/5 ring system and a characteristic pyridine core, a first within the koninginin family. Koningipyridine B shares a distinct 6/6/5 dihydropyridine skeleton, likely serving as the biosynthetic precursor of koningipyridine A. Using NMR and HRESIMS, the structures of these compounds were elucidated. The isolates demonstrated mild cytotoxicity against cancer cell lines and underwent screening for antimicrobial activities. The research team led by Tan Haibo and Zou Zhenxing sheds light on the crucial role of endophytic fungi in the identification of bioactive compounds, as demonstrated by the discovery of novel polyketides from Trichoderma koningiopsis SC-5. These findings provide valuable insights for future investigations into the potential biological activities of these compounds.


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