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Darwin-China 200 Conference, Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of "On the Origin of Species"
source:     author:     2009-10-24

  The year 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of "On the Origin of Species". Darwin's discoveries of evolutionary mechanisms and facts have made immeasurable contributions to the development of life sciences. His theories of biological evolution have been widely disseminated in China with far-reaching impacts.

  To celebrate this special moment in history, the Darwin-China 200 Conference will be held in October 24-26, 2009 at Peking University. Internationally renowned scientists will speak on a wide range of exciting topics, including the comparison and dynamics of genomics, molecular evolution and speciation, reconstruction of phylogeny, biogeography, the origin of major groups and its paleontological evidences.


Program of the conference


23 Oct 2009  
09:00-18:00 Registration Life Science Building, Lake View Hotel
18:00-20:00 Welcome Reception Lake View Hotel

24 Oct 2009  
07:30-08:30 Registration Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center
  Chairperson Manyuan Long
08:30-09:10 Opening Ceremony  
09:10-09:30 Group photo In front of Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center
  Chairperson Hongya Gu
09:30-10:10 Douglas Futuyma Evolution: The Most Important Theory in Biology
10:10-10:50 Tomoko Ohta The Nearly Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution
10:50-11:20 Ya-ping Zhang Domestications of Animals in East Asia
11:20-11:50 David AT Harper The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event (GOBE): causes and consequences of diversity’s big bang
11:50-13:30   Lunch
  Chairperson Marty Kreitman
13:30-14:10 Adam Eyre-Walker The Genetic Architecture of a Complex Trait: What evolutionary biology can tell us about genome-wide association studies
14:10-14:50 Else Marie Friis
14:50-15:20 Zi-heng Yang Calibrating the molecular clock to date species divergences
15:20-15:50 Yin-Long Qiu Evolution of Life Cycle in Land Plants
15:50-16:10 Min Zhu Origin and Early Diversification of Jawed Vertebrates
16:10-16:30   Coffee Break
  Chairperson Hong Ma
16:30-17:00 Michael Benton Darwin and the tree of life
17:00-17:20 Renbing Zhan The great Ordovician biodiversification of South China: A synopsis
17:20-17:40 Xiaoquan Wang Phylogeography of plants in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
17:40-18:00 Mingsheng Chen Dynamic Genome Evolution of the Oryza Genomes

25 Oct 2009    
  Chairperson Else Marie Friis
08:00-08:40 Thomas Cavalier-Smith The eukaryote tree: deep phylogeny and the evolution of protist body plans
08:40-09:20 Chung-I Wu Genes and Speciation - 150 years of Darwin and (nearly) 150 years of Mendel
09:20-09:50 Bailin Hao Whole-Genome Based Prokaryotic Branches in the Tree of Life
09:50-10:20 Olivier Rieppel The History of Evolutionary Thought
10:20-10:40   Coffee Break
  Chairperson Song Ge
10:40-11:20 Marty Kreitman Linking Darwinian mechanisms with the evolution of form
11:20-11:50 Jan Bergstrom The earliest arthropods and other animals
11:50-12:10 Dezhu Li Some problems in biogeographic studies in China
12:30-13:30   Lunch
  Chairperson Zhonghe Zhou
13:30-14:10 Kenneth Wolfe Comparative genomics and the aftermath of ancient polyploidization
14:10-14:50 Bruce Walsh Constraints on Multivariate Evolution
14:50-15:20 Wen Wang Origin and Functions of New Genes
15:20-15:50 Jin Meng The evolution of mammalian brain - from Darwin's The Origin to the new evidence of Mesozoic mammals
15:50-16:10   Coffee Break
  Chairperson Dexing Zhang
16:10-16:40 Jun Wen Darwin and Biogeography
16:40-17:00 Xuemei lu Asymmetry in the strength of sexual antagonism in XY vs. ZW systems – Evidence from whole-genome expression
17:00-17:20 Shunping He The fast speciation of cyprinid fish in Eastern Asia revealed by molecular phylogenetic study
17:20-17:40 Dacheng Tian Unique genetic behavior of nucleotide insertion/deletion in living organism
17:40-18:00 Deming Wang Early Diversification of Vascular Plants--Evidence from South China

26 Oct 2009   Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center
  Chairperson Douglas Futuyma
08:00-08:40 Axel Meyer Microevolutionary processes and macroevolutionary patterns of diversification in cichlid fishes: lessons from extremely young species flocks
08:40-09:10 Xing Xu The evolution of theropod hand
09:10-09:40 Jianzhi Zhang Gene Expression Noise and Evolution
09:40-10:10 Philip Currie Darwin and the Dinosaurs
10:10-10:30   Coffee Break
  Chairperson Jianzhi Zhang
10:30-11:00 Mark D. Rausher Are certain types of mutation used preferentially in evolutionary change?
11:00-11:20 Fuwen Wei Giant Panda: the Evolutionary Dead-end?
11:20-11:50 Shuhai Xiao On the eve of the Cambrian animal radiation: the Ediacaran fossil record and its implications for the early evolution of complex life forms and ecosystems
11:50-13:30   Lunch
  Chairperson Mark D. Rausher
13:30-14:00 Per Ericson Global biogeographic patterns in "higher landbirds"
14:00-14:30 Shengguo Fang Giant Panda Genomic Data Provide Insight into the Birth-and-Death Process of Mammalian Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Genes
14:30-15:00 Junyuan Chen Deep Root of the Modern Animal Diversity
15:00-15:30 Stefan Bengtson Darwin's headache, caused by the Cambrian explosion
15:30-15:50 Coffee Break
  Chairperson Yin-Long Qiu
15:50-16:10 Hongzhi Kong Evolution of the regulatory network for floral development
16:10-16:40 Zhao-Bang Zeng QTL Mapping and Genetics Basis of Adaptation
16:40-17:10 Zhe-Xi Luo Development And Evolution Of The Mammalian Ears
17:10-17:40 Manyuan Long The pattern of new gene evolution shaped by Darwinian selection
18:30 Farewell party Zhili Clubhouse

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