The book titled Seed Plants of Honghe Region in SE Yunnan, China was published

  The book titled "Seed Plants of Honghe Region in SE Yunnan, China" was published in Chinese with English translation in 2003 by Yunnan Science and Technology Press. Honghe region lies in the southeast of Yunnan in China, south bordering to Vietnam, between N22º26ˊ-24º45ˊand E101º47ˊ-104º16ˊand with ca. 32931 sq. km area. A checklist with 5667 species of 1530 genera in 229 families of seed plants wildly living in Honghe region is recorded here. Every species includes the Chinese name, the local name, the latin scientific name, the important synonyms, the localities of Honghe region together with literatures or important specimens with deposited herbarium codes, following with habitat and altitudes and partly with the key uses. Besides, the outline of geography, main vegetation types and floristic characters of seed plants in Honghe region are briefly discussed in the book. It includes 1,400,000 words, and its price is USA$ 40. It is a good reference work to botanists, teachers and students of universities and schools, and workers of biodiversity.



  Shui Yu-Min;

  Kunming Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Science,

  Kunming, Heilongtan 650204, Yunnan province, China




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