Study on Biodiversity and Endangerous of Higher Macrofungi in Alpine and Gorge of Western Yunnan

  The project was supported by NSFC.


  Abstract: 36 counties of 15 states and prefectures in Yunnan, SW China had been investigated during the period of the project, more than 1800 specimens had been collected where. They were identified as 738 species (including subspecies, variation) of 178 genera of the higher fungi (Ascomycota and Basidiomycota) by the primary classification. According to the environmental and their living condition as well as their appearance frequency, they were divided into three types by an artificial method, namely 31 species is belonging to endangered type, occupied 4.2 % in the total number of species; 121 species are rare few species, occupied 16.39% in total; 482 belong to the rare species, occupied 65.3% in total species. There are 95 endemic species calculated in toatl species to the region and its adjacent districts. More than 800 strains of 120 species had been isolated, cultured and stored. 630 color photos and slides of the higher and macrofungi were taken and kept; and almost 1000 microscopic drawings has been maden. 77 species of the higher fungi occurred under the forest of Pinus yunnanensis were investigated and confirmed their ectomycorrhizal relationship. More than 100 species of 8 genera had been focused to have been studied in taxonomy and other aspects, they are some species of the genera such as Boletus, Heimiella, Lactarius, Protodaedalea, Creolophus, Hypocrea, Hypocrella and Podostroma. Among them,18 species had been reported respectively as new species or new records to China and also including some species to have been worthily redescribed and discussed for their important significant in mycotaxonomy, mycogeography and others.


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