Kunming Institute of Botany Has Successfully Completed the Fieldwork of Plant Germplasm Recourses in Changdu and Linzhi, Tibet

  Recently, the expedition team, led by researcher Sun Hang of KIB and composed by 16 members, has successfully completed the fieldwork which has lasted for more than 20 days in County Zuogong, Mangkang, Basu of Changdu area and County Chayu, Bomi, Muotuo, Linzhi of Linzhi area and has safely returned to Kunming.

  This expedition mainly focused on the research and collection of plant germplasm recourses in some special habitats such as alpine periglacial belt, alpine meadow and dry-hot valley. All the team members, overcoming the bad environment conditions as inconvenient transportation, plateau hypoxia and so on, were all not afraid of hardship, worked hard and collected more than 500 germplasm resource units and more than 2,000 plant specimens, which including some important wild economic plant resources distributed in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, such as wild fruit plants of Pyrus, Malus and Amygdalus, horticultural plants including Multiflora Rose, Sorbus, Cotoneaster, Primula and some rare plant varieties including Miancan, Compositae, Paraquilegia, Syncalathium souliei, Cyananthus, Piptanthus Sweet, etc. This scientific expedition completed the scheduled study and collection task in 2009.

  The expedition was an implementation of the special project of basic research of the Science and Technology Ministry-'the survey and preservation of wild plant germplasm resources in special habitats of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau', which was presided by Prof. Sun Hang. This project relied on the completed national key science project-the Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China , systematically surveyed and collected the wild plant germplasm resources in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and built corresponding database platform. This is the second year for carrying out the project. It was learned that the other fieldwork and collection of this project also progressed smoothly.


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