The Laboratory Project of Natural Medicine Activity Screening Engineering in Yunna province Was Replied by Provincial Development and Reform Commission


  Recently, Yunnan Development and Reform Commission replied the Announcement No.1469 'Feasibility study report on the 'Laboratory Project of Natural Medicine Activity Screening Engineering in Yunna province' declared by KIB and agreed to construct this project.

  Yunnan province is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots and its wildlife species account for more than 50% of the whole nation, providing important material basis for natural medicine research. The 26 ethinic groups in Yunnan have accumulated rich experiences in folk medicine in the long struggle with diseases, offering valuable traditional knowledge, medicine background information and materials for Yunnana natural medicine research. However, for a long time, the innovative capacity of new drug research is inadequate and the R&D platform construction for innovative drugs badly lagged behind, seriously hampering the development of biopharmaceutical industry in Yunnan Province.  It is necessary and urgent to construct the laboratory of natural medicine screening engineering in Yunnan for accelerating the discovery and industrialization of candidate drugs and lead compounds and enhancing the core competitiveness of Yunnan biomedicine.

  This project will carry out the research encircling the core technology of natural medicine activity screening as well as establish the research technology of activity screening of natural anti-tumor medicines, the screening research technology of natural neurodegenerative and mental illness medicine, the screening research technology of natural anti-infection drugs, the early comprehensive evaluation techniques of natural medicine and the research platform of production technology for high-throughput natural compounds. The project will also build opening research system, reinforce the unity and collaboration with the key enterprises, universities, research institutes in the pharmaceutical industry in China, especially in Yunnan Province, develop the core technology research of natural drugs, the study of critical technology for constructing natural compounds bank and the structure optimization research of lead compounds. Meanwhile, the project provides optimized technological achievements of candidate drugs, for the further industrialization. As well, the project will set up the operation mode of technical services, becoming the common technology platform for Kunming national bio-industry base as well as regional drug activity screening.

  This project will construct 3 technology platforms: the technology platform of natural drug activity screening, the technology platform of preparation engineering of the natural compounds bank and the technology platform of the structural optimization of lead compounds; build a new experimental space of 2,000 square meters and purchase the corresponding equipments; establish the technology of the activity screening (including high-throughput screening, high content screening and virtual screening) of natural anti-tumor, neurodegenerative, mental illness and anti-infection drugs, the production technology of natural high-throughput compounds and the technology platform system of lead compound structure optimization.


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