China Project Seminar of Botanic Gardens Conservation International Was Held

  Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), founded in 1987, is the world's largest organization for the protection of plant diversity and one of the three major international environmental protection organizations. In order to further effectively protecting China's rich plant diversity from a global perspective, China Project Office was established in 2007 by BGCI and 8 plant diversity conservation projects were started in China in 2008.

  In order to systematically summarize the progress and challenges of BGCI China Projects and discuss how to reinforce the effective implement and management of the projects and the effective protection of plant diversity in China, the BGCI China Project Seminar themed "the ex-situ and in-situ conservation of China's threatened plants and the integration of local communities", undertaken by the Botanical Garden of KIB, was successfully held in Yunlong County Caojian Town from August 26th to 27th 2009. The person taking part in the seminar included BGCI Regional Project Director Dr. Joachim Gratzfeld, BGCI China Project Manager Mrs. Wen Xiangying, senior official of Indian Biodiversity and Conservation Project Mr. Sudipto Chatterjee, principals of 7 projects of BGCI China as well as more than 30 leaders and workers of Dali State Forestry Administration, Yunlong County Forestry Bureau, Caojian town government, Jinshajiang River Forest Industry Council. Rhododendron expert of KIB researcher Zhang Changqin and Ms. Tian Ning, the KIB international cooperation officer were also invited to participate the meeting. The Wildlife Management Office of Yunnan Forestry Department sent a congratulatory message to the seminar, expressing the warm congratulations to the convening of the seminar and the sincere greetings to all the participants.

  On the seminar, Dr. Joachim Gratzfeld made a speech about 'BGCI China Programme Review', mainly introducing BGCI's overview, project background and highlighting the importance of this seminar; Mr. Sudipto Chatterjee made a special report on 'Conservation of Rhododendrons with Local Communities', mostly presented the achievements and experience of Rhododendron conservation in the joint community in India. Researcher Sun Weibang of KIB made a special summary on his two projects 'Biodiversity assessment and conservation of woody plants in Zhebenshan Mountain of Yunlong' and 'Breeding biology and ex-situ conservation of extremely endangered plant Xichou Michelia and Magnolia'. Other participants also made reports and experience exchanges on their projects. On the seminar, experts conducted hot discussion with the officers of local forestry and administrative departments on BGCI China Project, especially on the implementation and future plan of 'Biodiversity assessment and conservation of woody plants in Yunnan Yun Long-Zhibenshan Mountain'. After the seminar, all the participants visited Zhibenshan Mountain in Yunlong County and the newly built 'Yue-Sai Rhododendron Garden' of Botanical Garden of KIB.




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