The Joint Research Project Seminar of Threatened Plant Species in Sino-Vietnamese Border Areas was Held in Kunming Institute of Botany

  Recently, 'The Seminar of the Joint Research Project of Threatened Plant Species in Sino-Vietnamese Border Areas' co-sponsored by Fauna & Flora International (FFI), Vietnam's Plant Protection Center(CPC) and Kunming Botanical Garden was held in KIB. About 30 people from FFI, CPC, Wenshan Prefecture Forestry Bureau, Xichou County Forestry Bureau, Malipo County Forestry Bureau and Xianhu Botanical Garden participated the meeting.

  The project partners will carry out joint study of the threatened species in Sino-Vietnamese border areas from October 2009 to June 2010. The project aims at comprehensively understanding the distribution situation and threatened status of the endangered plants in Sino-Vietnamese border areas (including conifer, magnolia, Rhododendron simsii, camellia and maple), evaluating and commending reasonable protection measure and promoting the cooperation and exchange of Sino-Vietnamese experts. Currently the phased work of desktop material collection of threatened target plants has been basically completed and the background information of the threatened species in Sino-Vietnamese border/China key areas was also preliminarily understood. In order to invite more experts who are interested in and understand the plant protection in Sino-Vietnamese border to together discuss the further research and protection work, the three-party representatives decided to hold this seminar.

  The executive director of Kunming Botanical Garden Prof. Sun Weibang and plant office of FFI China Project Ms. Li Xiaoya co-emceed the meeting and the participants developed fully discussion on the topics of common concerns of the cooperation units. Dr. Nguyen Quang Hieu and Prof. Phan Ke Loc brought information about the protection of endangered species in Vietnam; Ms. Li Xiaoya introduced FFI's global projects in detail for everyone to share. At last, the participants reached consensus on how to establish more effective cooperation, how to better protect the region's biological diversity, how to release press news to raise the awareness of the endangered species' protection as well as the objectives, location, route and time of the fieldwork in Vietnam, etc.

  It is learnt that about 47 species of Magnolia in China located in southeastern Yunnan, 29 species of which currently have small population, being listed as threatened species by China Species Red List, and at least 17 species of which are listed as threatened species by IUCN Red List of Magnoliaceae. It has been known that several of the threatened magnolias locate in the Sino-Vietnamese border areas and the distribution area may extend to northern Vietnam. Conifer species are also the serious threatened species by comparison, 45 species of which in China and about 14 species of which in Vietnam are endangered. At the same time, about 10 threatened aceraceous species, 40 threatened cuculiform plants and more than 20 threatened Camellia plants are also distributed in the Sino-Vietnamese border areas.





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