The Third Plenary Meeting of the Second Session of Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Phytochemistry and Plant Resources in West China was Held


  On November 9th and 10th, The third plenary meeting of the second session of the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Phytochemistry and Plant Resources in West China was held in Kunming. The director of the Academic Committee researcher Hao Xiaojiang, the deputy director Academician Sun Handong and Academician Deng Zixin, Professor Tu Yongqiang, Researcher Ding Jian, Researcher Jiang Hualiang, Researcher Ma Dawei, Professor Zhang Hongbin, Researcher Du Guanhua, Researcher Liu Jikai, Researcher Tan Ninghua and so on as Academic Committee members, as well as Academician Zhou Jun, Academician Hong Deyuan as Academic Committee consultants, the deputy director of Kunming Institute of Botany Gan Fanyuan, director of Science & Development Division Wang Yuhua and director of Human Resources & CPC & Education Affairs Division Wu Shuguang took part in this meeting.

  The committee members listened to the 2008-2009 Annual Report made by the director of the Key Laboratory Prof. Liu Jikai, carefully considered the Director's report and reviewed the open issues. They fully affirmed the significant progress and outstanding achievements in research work achieved by the lab over the past year, discussed the direction of lab development as well and put forward constructive suggestions for its future work.

  The committee members all agreed that since the second plenary meeting of the second session of the Academic Committee in November, 2008, the lab achieved remarkable results in platform construction, talent introduction, academic exchanges, international cooperation, operation and management and so on, showing good momentum of development. The key laboratory took charge of one 973 project, six key NSFC projects, one National Outstanding Youth Fund project, a number of major projects of innovative drugs and one Yunnan Province major project; deployed the disciplines construction and talents introduction in chemical ecology, cancer pharmacology, neuroscience pharmacology, total synthesis of natural products and so on; published more than 150 papers on OL and JBC, etc, won 9 achievement awards and applied or granted several patents; completed one new drug clinical studies and is declaring the New Drug Certificate; completed Phase I clinical study on one new drug and pre-clinical research on another two new drugs; discovered several signs of new drug molecules; made progress in the biological synthesis, total synthesis of natural products and chemical ecology; achieved important progress in the field of sustainable use and research of important plant resources; organized a number of bilateral academic exchanges; developed international cooperation with Novartis and other international companies; became in partnership with the Laboratory of the Chinese University of Hong Kong approved by the National Science and Technology.

  The Academic Committee agreed to the application guidelines and the implementation management details of independent research projects for next year proposed by the Laboratory. The committee members discussed the issues of new drug research and development, sustainable use of plant resources in the western region and the biosynthesis of plant constituents and put forward several suggestive comments and suggestions: continue to keep study characteristics and advantages; explore the research of featured plants and biosynthesis of fungal elements; further reinforce the research of chemical biology and the construction of featured screening platform; enhance the cooperative research and exchange with partnership laboratory of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and other related laboratories; do the best to achieve greater accomplishments on sustainable use of plant resources in the western area.





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