A Delegation of the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Visits KIB

On July 14th 2010, a six-member-delegation of the International Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) led by Mrs. Shamsiah Binti Kamaruddin, MyIPO’s Deputy Director General, visited Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (KIB), accompanied by Mr. Roseli Bin Abdul, the consul of Consulate General of Malaysia in Kunming.


To welcome the delegation, Dr. Li Zhijian, the Deputy Director of KIB’s Science & Development Department, gave a brief introduction on KIB’s history, development and achievements, followed by a presentation named Research Methodology and Approaches on the Study of Traditional Knowledge at KIB made by Prof. Pei Shengji, the Chairman of Academic Committee of KIB’s Key Laboratory of Plant Resources and Biotechnology. Expert from MyIPO gave an overview of protection and documentation of traditional knowledge in Malaysia as well. People from two sides further discussed the methodologies being adopted for protection and documentation of Traditional medical Knowledge as well as the data collection and management of such kind of knowledge.


The delegation met with Prof. Li Dezhu, KIB’s Director in the afternoon. During the meeting, Mrs. Shamsiah Binti Kamaruddin said that the visit to KIB was quite fruitful and they were planning to cooperate with KIB on the protection of traditional knowledge.


(Photos provided by Yang Zhiwei)


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