Macrofungi of Yunnan Details Released, 1,341 Species Recorded

Although some less-known species are not recorded, a total of 1,341 macrofungi species are included in a newly released atlas named Macrofungi of Yunnan, jointly published by the Department of Ecology and Environment of southwest China's Yunnan Province and the Kunming Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Yunnan's unique geographical location, complex landforms and diverse climate types not only nurture rich plant and animal resources, but also nourish diverse and unique fungal resources. Macrofungi are a kind of special biological resources different from other creatures, which have important ecological and economic value. There are 900 kinds of wild edible fungi in Yunnan, accounting for 30 percent of the world's edible fungi species and 90 percent of the national ones.

The book systematically summarized the species diversity and resources of macrofungi in the province for the first time. It provides first-hand information for the government and the public to protect and sustainably utilize macrofungi resources. It also helps people to identify and distinguish the types of edible fungi and poisonous ones. (CGTN)

(Editor:YANG Mei)


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