'Ninth-Five' Key Program, R&D of New Natural Drugs against Several Serious Diseases, Passed Post-Evaluation


In Sep. 2007, a post-evaluation was carried out on the CAS 'ninth-five' key and special-support program, R&D of New Natural Drugs against Several Serious Diseases, co-chaired by Prof. Hao Xiaojiang from KIB, Prof. Ding Jian from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, CAS and Prof. Li Boliang from Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, CAS. The post-evaluation conducted by CAS Program Evaluation and Supervision Center by a group of leading scholars and experts including CAS academicians, Prof. Chen Kaixian and Prof. Sun Handong, and Profs. Ma Hongjian, Kong Lingyi, Du Guanhua, Lin Wenhan, senior chemist Mr. Yang Lahu and Prof. Zhang Guolin, etc., achieved satisfying results.

After termiation of the program, important progress has been made on basis of previous research results and a series of achievements been fulfilled: five new drugs obtained drug approval numbers and another five new drugs obtained approval for clinical trials, one new drug completed clinical trial (phase III) and the application for new drug certificate is being conducted. Three new drugs owning independent intellectual property rights (IPR), on which preclinical researching work have already been finished, obtained approvals for clinical trials successively. As for biotechnological drugs, two certificates for new drugs, one approval for clinical trials of new drugs and one new drug certificate for clinical laboratory kit have been obtained. To date, industrialization of several researching results has already accomplished enormous economic and social benefits.


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