Chemical Basic Study of Resource Drug of Higher Fungi


This program carried out systematic studies on chemical components and biological activity of some higher fungi in Yunnan. Studies on chemical components of over 50 kinds of wild higher fungi and screening of medicinal activity of higher-fungi fruit bodies and fermentation broth extract have been completed. Through this study, over 300 kinds of compounds have been identified, 100 of which are new compounds (three compounds with new structure framework). A great many natural components with innovative structures and biological activity have been obtained. The founding of concentricolide, a compound that can inhibit HIV-1 virus, cell-binding and cell fusion, vibralactone, natural activity substance strongly inhibit the activity of pancreatic lipase and grifolin, a compound used for tumor signal molecular conductive and for induction of cell apoptosis is of great innovation.

One monograph named Higher Fungi Chemistry has been published, which will greatly facilitate the studies on higher fungi. A total of six patents have been obtained and 53 articles, including 46 SCI-embodied articles (213 times for citation) been published. Among the articles two (impact factor in 2005 was 20.869) were published on the world famous journal Chemical Reviews sponsored by America Chemical Society.Three compounds were included into the list of 'research hotspot' by the preeminent journal Natural Product Reports, suggesting the academic influences of the research group in the field of higher fungi chemistry.

With evident characteristic and creativity, this achievement made important contributions to rational use and development of higher fungi resources in China, especially in Yunnan. The experts from the evaluation team unanimously rated this achievement to be internationally 'advanced-level' among researches of the same field and some results to be internationally 'leading-level'.




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