Higher Fungi Resources and Chemical Composition in Alpine and Sub-alpine Regions in Southwest China

On the basis of abundant field investigation, researchers YANG Zhu-Liang, LIU Pei-Gui, LIU Ji-Kai and their team collected 5300 specimens, more than 1290 strains, more than 700 mycorrhizal samples, more than 300 population genetics materials and chemical constituents samples of 30 species. On this basis, they carried out classification and systematics research for some important groups in alpine and sub-alpine regions such as Albatrellus, Tuber and Lactarius and officially published 13 new species and 36 new combinations; researched the species evolution of the important species such as Tricholoma matsutake, Chroogomphus spp., Flammulina spp. and Lepiota cristata and acquired some valuable results; studied the ectomycorrhizal ecology of alpine meadow fern-like Kobresia (Kobresia filicina), etc, totally 4 kinds of typical herbs, found that at least more than 150 taxonomic unit (OTUs) can form ectomycorrhizal relationship with them, as well, discovered for the first time that the carrot-shaped roots have ectomycorrhiza fixation; successfully completed the mycorrhiza artificial synthesis of plant and India truffle fungi and obtain one patent license; completed the chemical constituents research of 20 fungi, purified more than 100 compounds, found 40 natural products with novel structure, and then screened the anti-tumor, anti-HIV-1 and metabolic disease activity of these components, finding 5 with more significant activities of anti-tumor and anti-HIV-1. Concentricolide has significant blocking effect on HIV-1 and host cell fusion as well as significant inhibition effect on cytopathy caused by HIV-1. This result received U.S. patents. Meanwhile, they completed the total synthesis of concentricolide and induce Daldinia concentrica to cultivate a new component, which has important significance for searching for new bioactive ingredients. This research resulted in the publication of 36 papers, of which 30 were SCI papers, 8 of them were in top JCR 15%; provided one consultation report; applied for 5 domestic patents, obtained 2 authorizations; applied one US patent and achieved authorization; found 2 key compounds worth depth study; cultivated 14 doctors and accepted 5 post-doctorals and visiting scholars from home and abroad.
Tricholoma matsutake
Daldinia concentrica
Tuber indicum
Albatrallus tibetanus

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