Predicting Global Change through Reconstruction Research of Paleoclimate

Predicting global change is a scientific question as well as a general concern of human society. To accurately predict global change, we must master the climate changes in geologic history time and history period. The reconstruction of paleclimate can not only provide important basic information for predicting global change, but also provide an opportunity to discuss the interrelationship between geological events and global change. Researcher ZHOU Zhe-Kun and his team, according to the Miocene flora found in Yunnan Xiaolongtan, utilized the international method of quantitative reconstruction of paleoclimate and reconstructed late Miocene paleoclimate in Yunnan. The results showed that in the climate (average annual temperature, annual range, the warmest month average temperature and the coldest month average temperature) was similar to now. The average annual temperature was slightly 1-2℃ higher than the modern temperature. But the total annual rainfall was significantly larger than modern, thereunto; the annual rainfall in late Miocene in Kaiyuan Xiaolongtan was 1197.6-1463.8mm, while the rainfall in modern times is 820mm (Kaiyuan). This result inosculates with that of Miocene climate simulations. Further analysis also found that the late Miocene rainfall of dry season reached 20% of annual rainfall in Yunnan, while the rainfall of dry season in the contemporary era only reaches 5% of annual rainfall, which indicates that a monsoon climate has been established in late Miocene era but have not achieved the current intensity. According to the simulation results of monsoon intensity and Himalayan lifting height, they speculated that Himalayas already had uplift in the late Miocene era but had not reached the present height. This result is published on Paleogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, important journals in paleontology field.


Comparison of average annual rainfall of Neogene and modern flora of Yunnan

Comparison of average annual temperature of Neogene and modern flora of Yunnan




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