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A Series of Results have been Achieved in Research on Fungi Resources and Utilization Development
source:     author:     2012-01-16

Under the support of a joint foundation key project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Yunnan Provincial People's Government, a program for Science and Technology Development of Yunnan Province and a major project of the National Natural Science Foundation, researchers of KIB achieved a series of results in study, development and utilization of higher fungi. They published 6 SCI papers, of which four are top 15% of the JCR, and obtained 2 state authorized patents (ZL200610010689.1 and ZL200610048856.1).

They published over 10 new taxa, including a new genus. Their data showed that there are at least 9 species of highly toxic Amanitas in East Asia, including 3 new species. Such studies are important for the prevention of poisoning of wild mushrooms. Based on morphological and molecular phylogenetic studies, it was found that the genus Macrolepiota can be divided into three evolutionary clades, and a new section and 2 new species were proposed. In addition, three new species and two new combinations were found in on the genus Leucoagaricus.

Based on overall survey on the distributionand ecological factors of Tuber indicum in China, mycorrhiza of this species has successfully been synthesized in the laboratory. About 15,000 seedlings of T. indicum and summer truffle (T. aestivum) have been produced, and standard production system of mycorrhizal seedlings has been formed, which provided materials to ensure artificial reproduction promotion of T. indicum and summer truffle. Continuous research has also been carried out in artificial reproduction promotion of Lactarius volemus, and artificial reproduction promotion of L. volemus in the forest was successful and planting site of 1,150 acres has been expanded in Lancang County, the average income per household reached 1,000 Yuan or more, individual extra earning reached 3.4 million and high economic benefits have been produced.

A nationwide "workshop on diversity and phylogeny of fungi" was held, well-known experts in the fields of fungal taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography, population genetics and mycorrhizal research were invited from Germany, Canada, Japan, Sweden and China, such as former Chairman of the International Association of Fungi, the chief editor of internationally renowned journal Mycological Progress and so on. Seven speakers made 14 academic presentations, 66 trainees from 26 domestic colleges and research institutions participated in the 3-day theoretical study and 2 days of field practice. The workshop received praise from participants and expanded influence of KIB’s fungal study in the country. In addition, KIB participated in the special public service project of Ministry of Science, led by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to explore the etiology of unexplained sudden death in Yunnan. The results revealed that "the little white fungus", a new species of Trogia, may be the arch-criminal, which caused hundreds of deaths in the last decades. The study of the project has attracted extensive attention from the world's mainstream journals such as Science (329:132, 2010), and media such as BBC.

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