Ceremony for the Sistering of Botanical Gardens between Kunming Institute of Botany and the University of Padua and Symposium on China-Italy Biodiversity Conservation was successfully held

On April 17th, a ceremony marking the establishment of a sister garden relationship between the Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Padua in Italy was successfully held in KIB. The event, which also included a China-Italy Biodiversity Conservation Symposium, aimed to promote international cooperation in biodiversity research and conservation.
Attendees at the ceremony included Fabio Schina, Consul General of Italy in Chongqing; Alessandra Guidi, S&T Counsellor of the Italian Embassy in Beijing; Tomas Morosinotto, Prefect of the Botanic Garden of Padua University; Ernesto Azzurro, Director of Research at Marine Biological Resources and Biotechnology of the National Research Council; YANG Shaocheng, Deputy Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Office of Yunnan Province; ZHOU Jie, Director of Kunming Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Punuo Baimadangzeng, Director of KIB; LI Hongwei, Deputy Director of KIB; and SUN Weibang, Director of Kunming Botanical Garden of KIB.
During the ceremony, Punuo Baimadangzeng, Fabio Schina, Tomas Morosinotto, ZHOU Jie, and Alessandra Guidi delivered speeches, expressing their best wishes for the partnership between KIB and the University of Padua. They also looked forward to closer cooperation in biodiversity conservation between China and Italy. 
Punuo Baimadangzeng and Tomas Morosinotto represented their respective institutions in exchanging cooperation agreements. The attendees from both sides jointly planted a Yunnan seven-leaved tree (Aesculus wangii) in Kunming Botanical Garden as a symbol of friendship. 

Image by KIB
The China-Italy Biodiversity Conservation Symposium featured presentations by scientists from both sides on biodiversity research and conservation.
The event marked a significant step forward in strengthening international cooperation in biodiversity research and conservation between China and Italy. Through the establishment of sister garden relationships and the exchange of ideas and experiences at the symposium, both sides aim to contribute to the global effort in safeguarding the diversity of life on Earth.
(Editor:YANG Mei)

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