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MoU Signing Ceremony between China and the International Barcode of Life (iBOL) [2012-06-01]
The Mechanisms of the Plant Portulaca oleracea Adaptations to Combined High Temperature ... [2012-05-25]
The Lichen Flora of the Hengduan Mountains,China: Bryoria divergescens (Parmeliaceae), a... [2012-05-21]
News in Brief: Kunming Botanical Garden. Sudden Branch Drop [2012-05-15]
Brief History of Kunming Botanical Garden, KIB [2012-05-15]
The Delegation of the Thai Ministry of Health and CSFT visits KIB [2012-05-15]
Post Desiccation Germination of Camellia sinensis L. Seeds can be Enhanced by Pro-oxidan... [2012-05-10]
Climate Change Affects Fruiting of the Prized Matsutake Mushroom [2012-05-07]
Kunming Botanical Garden: News in Brief [2012-05-04]
Complex Evolution in Arundinarieae: Incongruence between Plastid and Nuclear GBSSI Gene Phylogenies [2012-05-03]
Four Candidate New Varieties of Michelia Applied by the Kunming Institute of Botany Have... [2012-04-25]
Mekong Hydropower: Drivers of Change and Governance Challenges [2012-04-23]
The Mushroom Toxins Asa: The Cause of Sudden Unexpected Death in Yunnan Province [2012-04-10]
Making History: The First Formal Volunteer Program of Kunming Botanical Garden [2012-04-10]
AM Fungi Suppress Haustorium Initiation in a Root Hemiparasitic Plant [2012-04-09]
New Programme in Salween-Mekong Basin Targets Women’s Adaptation to Climate Change [2012-03-31]
Przewalskone: A Cytotoxic Adduct of a Danshenol Type Terpenoid and an Icetexane Diterpenoid v... [2012-02-23]
Rapid Sequencing of the Bamboo Mitochondrial Genome Using Illumina Technology [2012-02-10]
N-3-oxo-decanoyl-L-homoserine-lactone Activates Auxin-induced Adventitious Root Formatio... [2012-02-06]
China, India, and Myanmar Design Collaboration for Sustainable Development in the Brahmaputra-Sal... [2011-12-28]
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