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Survey of the Myanmar Medicinal Plants and their Traditional Knowledge [2018-09-03]
Research Reveals How Plant Seeds Travel Across Ocean [2018-08-28]
New Natural Sweeteners Found: Wild Plants in Yunnan Sweeter than Sucrose by At Least 25 Times [2018-08-13]
Chinese Medicinal Plant Tricks Predatory Wasps Into Dispersing Its Seeds By Smelling Like Prey [2018-08-01]
Kunming Declaration on Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge Conservation of Belt & Road Countries [2018-07-16]
Chinese Scientists Find Large-Scale Gene Loss in Evolution of Parasitic Plants [2018-07-16]
Mountain Futures and Embassy of Switzerland in China to Showcase Sino-Swiss Cooperation on Mounta... [2018-07-06]
Camouflaged Plants Use the Same Tricks as Animals to Blend Into Their Background and Ward off Ene... [2018-06-22]
Plants use same camouflage tricks as animals: study [2018-06-22]
Mountain Futures 2018 Launches Major New Centre for Mountain Research [2018-06-11]
China, Uzbekistan Cooperate on Allium Research [2018-06-11]
Camouflaged Plants Use the Same Tricks as Animals [2018-06-07]
2018 Spring Science Communication Meeting Held by SIMM in Shanghai [2018-05-30]
Chinese Researchers Draw DNA Map of Rare Evergreen [2018-05-30]
New Insight on the Formation of East Asian flora [2018-04-23]
Research Reveals How Bark Types Affect Wood Decomposition [2018-04-23]
New insight on the formation of East Asian flora [2018-03-01]
Protecting Germplasm Resources for the World’s Trees: Kunming Institute of Botany Extends Cooper... [2017-12-01]
Kunming Institute of Botany Launches the China-Uzbekistan Global Allium Garden, (Kunming Center) [2017-11-23]
Payments to Rural Communities Offer a New Opportunity to Restore China's Native Forests [2017-10-29]
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