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Research Progress
Ethnobotanical and phytochemical studies of Piper boehemeriaefolium, P. sarmentosum<... [2013-04-17]
Rare tree blooms after 30 years [2013-03-26]
A new rare species of orchid from Malipo was discovered [2013-03-21]
Drug absorption efficiency in Caenorhabditis elegans [2013-03-12]
The mechanisms of aspirin-induced lifespan extension [2013-03-07]
Elucidating the Biosynthetic Pathway for Vibralactone [2013-02-27]
Plant Species with Extremely Small Populations Conservation in China [2013-02-21]
The ex situ conservation of Poncirus polyandra has been successfully achieved i... [2013-01-28]
New insights into Bangladeshi bolete and Phylloporus (Boletaceae) from China [2013-01-18]
Multifunctional Bracts Enhance Plant Reproductive Fitness in Alpine Areas of Himalayas [2012-11-08]
Rates of Water Loss and Uptake in Recalcitrant Fruits of Quercus Species Are Determined ... [2012-10-22]
Using Morphological, Molecular and Climatic Data to Delimitate Yews along the Hindu Kush-Himalaya... [2012-10-11]
The Floral Transcriptome of Dendrocalamus latiflorus (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) was Sequenced [2012-08-22]
The Mystery of “bird’s Coca cola tree” Unraveled [2012-08-06]
Phylogenetic Placement of the Enigmatic and Critically Endangered Genus Saniculiphyllum ... [2012-07-03]
A New Hypothesis for the Evolutionary Stability of Species Range Limits [2012-06-27]
CO Enhances the Chilling Tolerance of Baccaurea ramiflora Seeds [2012-06-08]
The Mechanisms of the Plant Portulaca oleracea Adaptations to Combined High Temperature ... [2012-05-25]
The Lichen Flora of the Hengduan Mountains,China: Bryoria divergescens (Parmeliaceae), a... [2012-05-21]
Post Desiccation Germination of Camellia sinensis L. Seeds can be Enhanced by Pro-oxidan... [2012-05-10]
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