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Research Progress
Extended expression of B-class MADS-box genes in the paleoherb Asarum caudigerum [2010-04-19]
Vibralactones D-F from Cultures of the Basidiomycete Boreostereum vibrans [2010-04-09]
Asymmetric hybridization in Rhododendron agastum: a hybrid taxon comprising mainly F(1)s in Yunna... [2010-04-02]
Antioxidant activity of red pigments from the lichens Lethariella sernanderi, L. cashmeriana, and... [2010-03-26]
The Third Plenary Meeting of the Second Session of Academic Committee of the State Key Laborator... [2009-12-10]
National Key Science Project-The Southwest China Germplasm Bank of Wild Species-Passed the Nation... [2009-12-10]
'The Seminar on Wu Zhengyi's Academic Thought' was Held in Kunming Institute of Botany [2009-10-28]
Kunming Institute of Botany Has Successfully Completed the Fieldwork of Plant Germplasm Recourses... [2009-10-23]
Three Kinds of Endangered Plants in Minimum Population in Yunnan Were Officially Implemented the ... [2009-10-23]
The Laboratory Project of Natural Medicine Activity Screening Engineering in Yunna province Was R... [2009-10-23]
National Key Science Project-The Southwest China Germplasm Bank of Wild Species-Achieved the Expe... [2009-10-23]
The First Class New Anti-alzheimer Drug Phenchlobenpyrrone Completed Phase I Clinical Study [2009-10-23]
Kunming Institute of Botany Has Achieved Fruitful Results of Fungi Resources Study in Desert and ... [2009-10-23]
Germplasm Bank of Wild Species in Southwest China Put into Operation Formally [2009-10-17]
Systematic and Chemical Studies on Important Natural Product of Plant Cyclopeptide [2009-09-23]
Important Breakthrough Made in Developing New Potential Anticancer Drugs [2009-09-22]
Investigation on the Chemical and Bioactivities of Schisandraceae Species [2009-09-22]
Chemical Basic Study of Resource Drug of Higher Fungi [2009-09-22]
'Ninth-Five' Key Program, R&D of New Natural Drugs against Several Serious Diseases, Passed Post-... [2009-09-22]
Breakthrough Made on Mechanism Study of Systemic Resistance Induction of Plant Caused by New Natu... [2009-09-22]
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