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Research Progress
Smallest mushrooms in China were firstly studied through phylogenetic approaches [2015-12-15]
Seed plant phylogenetic diversity and species richness in conservation planning within a global b... [2015-11-24]
The Right Trees for The Right Place [2015-11-24]
How do stinging hairs and other characters evolve in the nettle family (Urticaceae)? [2015-11-09]
Discovery of intrinsic tenase inhibitors as novel anticoagulants with negligible bleeding risk [2015-06-24]
Natural hybridization and asymmetric introgression at the distribution margin of two Buddleja spe... [2015-06-23]
A new positive pCO2-stomatal frequency relationship as a potential proxy for ... [2015-03-03]
Reciprocal herkogamy promotes disassortative mating in a distylous species with intramorph compat... [2015-02-12]
Genome-wide and molecular evolution analysis of the subtilase gene family in Vitis vinifera [2014-12-18]
Responses of spring phenology in temperate zone trees to climate warming [2014-12-15]
The studies revised the genera Pestalotiopsis and Bipolaris based on morphologi... [2014-12-15]
Progress on Chemical Biology study of antitumor natural products [2014-11-07]
A novel perspective on seed yield of broad bean (Vicia faba L.) [2014-11-07]
Progress of the systematic phytochemical studies of natural PPAPs from plants of the family Gutti... [2014-10-22]
Chloroplast Phylogenomic Analyses Resolve Deep-Level Relationships within Temperate Woody Bamboos [2014-09-11]
Comparative proteome analyses reveal that the adaptation strategies of the alpine plant Poten... [2014-09-04]
Should Genes with Missing Data Be Excluded from Phylogenetic Analyses? [2014-09-01]
Maintenance or collapse: responses of extraplastidic membrane lipid composition to desiccation in... [2014-08-26]
Concerted conservation efforts are necessary to conserve yews of the Himalayas [2014-08-20]
Genetic diversity, genetic structure and demographic history of Cycas simplicipinna (Cycadaceae) ... [2014-08-01]
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