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Research Progress
Scopoletin is a phytoalexin against Alternaria alternata in wild tobacco dependent on JA... [2014-06-04]
Researchers Find A New Pollination Seed - Consuming Mutualism in the High Himalayan [2014-05-28]
Novel findings in the genomic imprinting and methylation from castor bean endorsperms [2014-05-09]
The Evolution of floral deception in Epipactis veratrifolia (Orchidaceae) [2014-04-10]
Quantitative proteomics analysis reveals that the nuclear cap-binding complex proteins Arabidopsi... [2014-04-03]
Ultraviolet-B (UV-B) Impact Floral Structure Evolution in Alpine Plant [2014-04-02]
Triterpenoids from Schisandra chinensis increased the expression of BDNF [2014-03-31]
Advances in phylogentic studies on fungal family Boletaceae [2014-03-26]
Cibaomyces, a new genus of Physalacriaceae [2014-03-19]
Three New Speciesand Diversification Patterns of Petrocodon (Gesneriaceae): Endemic to the Limest... [2014-02-26]
Nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide are important signals mediating the allelopathic response of A... [2014-02-13]
Unidirectional hybridization and reproductive barriers between two heterostylous primrose species... [2014-02-12]
Progress on the horizontal gene transfer in parasitic plants [2014-01-23]
Requirement of ABA signalling-mediated stomatal closure for resistance of wild tobacco to Alt... [2014-01-23]
Genetic diversity and domestication origin of tea plant Camellia taliensis [2014-01-13]
New Progress on Haloarchaeal Plasimd [2014-01-13]
The reproductive strategy of a pollinator-limited Himalayan plant, Incarvillea mairei (Bignoniaceae) [2013-12-10]
New progress of bioactive metabolites from macrofungi [2013-12-09]
Incongruence between Nuclear and Chloroplast DNA Phylogenies in Pedicularis Section Cyat... [2013-09-27]
New progress on anti-tumor drug study [2013-08-28]
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