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Research Progress
Towards a Global Centre of Excellence for Mining Restoration [2017-01-06]
Seed Ecology of a Dominant Evergreen Oak in China [2016-12-30]
Special Issue of Plant Diversity for Plant Species with Extremely Small Populations [2016-12-30]
The Way to the Sacred Land: Cherishing the Wildlife and Traditional Culture of the Kailash Sacred... [2016-12-05]
Scientists Unveil Poisonous Mushroom in China [2016-10-31]
China’s Rubber Expansion Could Stretch Biodiversity and Livelihoods to the Limit [2016-10-19]
Save China’s Wild Bees to Safeguard Global Food Supply [2016-09-23]
An Optimized ddRAD Library Preparation Approach [2016-08-15]
The Missing Link in Carbon Accounting [2016-07-31]
The New Anti-Cancer Mechanism [2016-07-31]
Chinese Scientists Rediscover Lost Fungus After 164 Years [2016-07-19]
Multiple functions of volatiles in flowers and leaves were revealed [2016-06-21]
New Inhibitors of Breast Cancer from TCM Cimicifuga spp [2016-06-01]
Research Advance in biosynthesis of astaxanthin and lipids of Chlorella zofingiensis [2016-06-01]
A New Research Advance in Genomic DNA Methylation of Dicotyledonous Castor Bean Seeds with Persis... [2016-05-04]
A Monooxygenase Boreostereum vibrans Catalyzes Oxidative Decarboxylation in a Divergent ... [2016-04-27]
Soybean CDPKs Specifically Respond to Herbivory and Drought Stresses [2016-04-21]
Golden-scruffy Collybia (Cyptotrama) in Asia was Firstly Studied Through Phylogenetic Approaches [2016-04-07]
Hydroxylation of jasmonoyl-L-isoleucine Impairs Nicotiana attenuata’s Resistance to the Generali... [2016-04-06]
Morphology and DNA Evidence Help the Identification of Three Climbing Bamboos [2016-04-06]
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